The Search...

Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
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"Ya know, Moff Eitrix used to have a better decor."

"Quiet scum, we'll arrive in a moment and you'll be respectful."

"Of course."
[A few days ago I get a message from old Moff Eitrix of Brumii. I did some work for him a few years ago. The New Republic technically rules over the sector but this particular system is so far out they don't have any presence of significance. So he kept quiet and apparently is in hiding.]
"Down this hallway."

"Keep moving."

[It's not unexpected for him to take refuge. Eitrix was a wealthy Old Republic Senator turned Moff for the Empire. While he kept a balanced hand with his populace the rebellion still considered him an Imperial sympathizer.]
"This way."

[I suppose all things considering he's making due. Eitrix's wealth and power has kept him some small amount of power in the system.]

[Keeping himself tucked away deep in this bunker away from the populous once most of the Imperials left the system to keep from the wrath of insurrectionists.]
"This is it."


[This seems... odd.]


[They seem a little jumpy.]

"Hmm... interesting."

"The Red Crescent?"
"Quiet Scum."
[Interesting. The Red Crescent also known as the Dark Moon was an old guild of assassins that worked everywhere from the outer rim to the deep core.]

[They were supposedly mostly all hunted down during the Old Republic days.]
*Beeps and clicks*
++Entry Granted++
"So... I'm just supposed to walk in?"
"Go inside."

"You two are staying out here?"
"I said go inside."

"...... "


-Door closes-
"Ah come in Mando."

"Come closer, I'm sorry for the misdirection. But these days one cannot be too careful"

[This is unnexpected. But Jerriko using a Dark Moon hideaway makes more sense.]
"What are you doing here Jerriko? Where's Moff Eitrix?"

"Oh Jarash? Sadly he fell to insurrectionists about a year ago. When New Republic forces made their half hearted attempt to drive off the few imperials here and hold the system. I've been keeping his trophy wife around for the security codes, pay for the troop details and... other things."

"One can't be too careful in these, turbulent times. Don't you agree Mando?"
"Sure..." [This is bad.]

"Here you are sir freshly extracted."
"Ah thank you SC14, place it down and leave us."

"What do you want me for? A bounty?"

"Because Mando, the prey I need you to seek is very illusive. And for this hunt discretion is needed. Here's my gathered information so far. You'll receive half the bounty up front just for information on the query's location. The rest upon receipt of the merchandise... alive."

"Hmmm... these logs are from over thirty years ago, pre-Empire."
"Yes... the prey I need you to hunt has been illusive for some time."

"And you think they're even still alive?"
"Oh yes... their soup is one I know has survived."

"O... kay. For the amount you're offering I'll at least look into it."
[Seems Jerriko retained Eitrix's wealth for the price he's offering. Jerriko's playing to his reputation, maybe he likes the legends told about him.]

"I'll be in touch..."

"Good Mando, I"ll be waiting..."

To be continued...
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Dec 24, 2013
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Central Europe
Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
Thanks for posting this. I'm glad to see making photo novels and such hasn't died. I like your wall and floor pieces. Did you make them yourself? If so, how did you do it? Pieces like that could trim a good deal of time off what the things I make - though I haven't done much in a while.
Hey thanks! The walls and such are just Owens Corning XPS foam sheets (different thicknesses) I got from Home Depot. I grove-detailed and painted with cheap acrylic paint (prepped them with a 50/50 mix of modge-podge and primer). (Check out Black Magic Craft's YouTube channel.. he does it for D&D tabletop pieces and I just measured out larger versions)

I've always been a fan of photonovels and my poor attempt at it pales in comparison to some of the other great creators here but I wanted to toss in a small story I came up with to give me something do while i was in lockdown.


Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
*Door closes with a shhhffft sound*

Mando :"....."


Stormtrooper: "You'll be leaving through the communications center."
Mando: "Oh? why is that?"


Stormtrooper: "The Moff likes keeping this quiet down here scum. No one leaves from the same entrance when this deep."
Mando: "Mind telling me which way?"


Stormtrooper: "Down the hall and to the left."
Mando: "The.. Moff, does like his privacy."

*Chatter and conversations in the small communications center*
Ep2-1.jpg Ep2-2.jpg

Ep2-3.jpg Ep2-4.jpg
[Seems Moff Eitrix's fortune is still large enough to keep some of the imperials paid and employed down here.]


Mando: ".....I'm heading out, the ... Moff, has assigned me a bounty."
Stormtrooper: "Alright, straight on out and take a left and then to the right."

[Jerriko doesn't care about holding the system as a personal enclave. Maybe he's got deals with others.]

[Eventually Jerriko will move on, word is he never stays in a place too long he's too old with too many enemies left in his wake. Maybe the Imps think he will.]

[Perhaps it isn't the late Moff's fortune keeping them around.]
[Maybe they just don't have way out of the sector without being turned over to the New Republic.]

[The bounty, an old man called Xarix in his 60's hiding in the Halasian system. It's a bit far out there.]

[Halasia was decimated a few years back. Imps bombarded it to quell an uprising by its populous. The civil population learned of the defeat of the Empire at the battle of Yavin and decided in an emotional outburst to try and overthrow the local imperial garrison.]

[Unfortunately the rebels were still on the run as the Imperial Navy hunted them and went on a bloodthirsty campaign of retribution to any system trying to join the alliance or rising up against the Empire.]

[Xarix was an imperial communications technician who served since the clone wars. Jerriko's intel showed he retired on Halasia prior to the Imperial pounding of the rebels there.]

[Hopefully I can flag down a speeder and buy a ride. It's a long walk back to the Razorcrest.]

[Hmm no guards.]
[This alternate entrance is hidden?]



[At least I don't have to deal with anyone else...]

[Spoke too soon...]


Miika: "Mando! Hey, overhere!"

[What is she doing here?]
Miika: "I was hoping you'd exit this way. Did you need a ride?"

Mando: "Hello Miika."

Mando: "That depends, how much?"

Mika: "Oh no credits this time. I heard you were meeting the Moff."

[I wasn't even out of the bunker and somehow people know this?]

Mando: "Well,.. yea..."

Miika: "I was hoping he gave you some information on an old bounty? Perhaps a pre-imperial mission gone wrong?"

[So I must not have been the first one Jerriko's gave the bounty to search for.]

Mando: "He gave me some info on an old bounty he's looking information on."

Miika: "Ah. Wonderful! Our interests intertwine then! I'd like to tag alon-"

Mando: "No."

Miika: "Ya know, its a long walk back to the docking port."

Mando: "Okay, I'll take the bait. What's in it for you?"

Miika: "Oh nothing hugely important I just want to tag along to find out information the bounty may know."

[Sighs. Here it comes...]

Miika "This Xarix was in a battle on the planet Phosmai during the early years of the Clone Wars. I need some information regarding his unit may have come across."

Mando: "Move over..."

Miika: "Ha! I knew you were reasonable."

Mando: "No I just don't trust your piloting skills."

Miika: "Hey! Grrr."

Mando: "You know I'm joking."

Miika: "Sometimes I wonder."

Mando: "So why not go to Phosmai yourself?"
Miika: "Hngh. I tried that already."

Mando: "You sure this thing will make it to the spaceport?"

Miika: "The guy I bought it from said it's fine. Just rough looking."

Mando: "So what makes you think this guy will remember something from a battle 30 years ago."

Miika: "Trust me, if what I think happened there back then is true it's something he'll never forget."


Mando: "So do I even want to know?"
Miika: "Sure it'll make the trip to the spaceport go faster."


To be continued....

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Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
Miika: "I'm glad the sun is coming up, I always get nervous traveling at night on this planet."
Mando: "Why's that?"
Miika: "There's speeder bike gangs roaming the grasslands picking off lone travelers or small caravans."

Mando: "My ship's only a few more-"
Miika: "Hey turn here! Left at this rocky formation."
Mando: "What? Why?"
Miika: "It's where I set up my camp here on-planet. I need some things."
Mando: "....."

Ep2-48a.png Ep2-49a.png Ep2-50a.png Ep2-51a.png

Mando: "....."
Miika: "It's not much but it's been helpful to keep out of sight."

Mando: "... droids..."
Miika: "Yes? What about them?"
Mando: "I.. don't usually work with droids..."
*Hummming subsides slowly*
Miika: "You'll have to trust me, they're harmless."
Mando: "....."

Mando: "What's the information this old tech has?"
Miika: "It's more of an old myth and legend. About a place on Phosmai."

Mando: "So what do you think happened to this guy on Phosmai?"
Miika: "Xarix was part of a GAR unit that was there to intercept a droid reconnaissance force. For some reason the clankers were trying to establish a base or something in the middle of one of Phosmai's deserts."

Mando: "Phosmai's so far out in the outter rim it's not very tactically useful."
Miika: "I found out some old Count in the confederated planets was using the sep army to search for some artifact in Phosmai's red deserts."

Mando: "Artifact?"
Miika: "Eh.. its really more just a hunch. Xarix's unit reported seeing some odd rock formations before they pulled out of the area that may have been more then they realized."

Mando: "An Ancient civilizations ruins they didn't recognize."
Miika: "Something like that."

Mando: "Whoah!'
Miika: *gasps* "What?!"
Mando: "Back off droid!"
Ep2-60a.png Ep2-61a.png

GRC-53 *zzzzt... * "Mizzterrrzzz Meeeeeeka. Welcome back."

Miika: "Ah, no Mando its ok, he's fine. Hello Grease. Mando this is GRC-53. My maintenance droid."

Mando: "Hmmph. Is that all?
Miika: "Well no, he also helps as personal security on occasion."
Mando: "I see..."


GRC53: "I am programmed to keep the Mizzterrzz safe."
Mando: "Mmhmm... I'll remember that."
Miika: "Grease, Mando and I are heading off-planet for a few days. Please fuel the speeder and return it here once we leave the spaceport."
GRC53: "Yezz Mizzterrzzz."

Mando : "....."

Miika: "Come on I've got the map data I needed."
Mando: "Fine..."

Ep2-70a.png Ep2-71a.png Ep2-72a.png

Ep2-73a.png Ep2-74a.png Ep2-75a.png

To be continued...
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Mar 25, 2004
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Great Caesar's Ghost! A new photonovel! Saints by praised!

"Sonny, I haven't seen a photonovel around these parts since long before you were born!"


Thanks so much for posting this! I'm afraid we're in the twilight of the gods time with the art form. I remember when photonovels stampeded across these plains in great numbers. Now they're been hunted to extinction.

But this is terrific and wonderful! Probably the first Mandalorian photonovel out there!

On a technical level, this is spectacular! The dioramas are amazing. Great work on the custom figure. Great work on all the sets and the set dressing! (there is one picture that has some digital gunk from your compositing that you didn't clean up, so maybe take a look at that!)

Really digging the story, too. Lots of intrigue, lots of mystery. Can't wait to see where this is going.

But, so far, it's been a blast and a delight. So wonderful to see someone making an all-new photonovel these days.

Such a crime no one's doing them (mostly) anymore and the once tenuous, fickle and ever-shrinking audience has all but dried up and blown away.

I'd recommend posting to Yakface, as well. There is still the faintest blips of a PN community over there, but mostly it's just Chewie posting 2-3 Rykrof chapters a year, though the commenters do come out of the woodwork for that still. So you may have a little better luck than here at RS!

Don't think any of the other sites out there have a pulse, alas.

Great job!!!


Mar 11, 2012
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The Greatest Location in the Nation
Feb 21, 2014
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Hanging out in a room with shelves full of TVC
Thanks for the comments guys I really appreciate it!

I've been slowly working on the next few chapters. But it's been going slow and I had to cut an entire scene with Miika and Mando getting attacked by a speeder bike gang, I took over 50 pics for the scene and in the end scrapped it because the lighting and the "movement" of the story wasn't coming together for it. I may reshoot it later once i weave some story line threads into it.

Also I hadn't even thought of posting this at Yakface lol. I emailed the guys over at PhotonovelAlliance a while back but they haven't gotten back to me yet. I may go over to yakface once I get more of it shot.. but the old beasts here at RS were my original stomping grounds so i like uploading here 1st.

20200701_054905.jpg 20200705_050219.jpg 20200702_064700.jpg 20200705_055837.jpg
Also I hadn't even thought of posting this at Yakface lol. I emailed the folks over at Photonovelalliance a while back but they haven't gotten back to me yet. I may go over to yakface once I get more of it shot.. but the old beasts here at RS were my original stomping grounds so i like uploading here 1st.

20200705_061348.jpg 20200705_064958.jpg 20200705_065342.jpg 20200706_150802.jpg
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